Travel Tips

Weekly Travel Tip

I was gonna do a whole giant write up on travel tips…but I don’t really fucking feel like it right now.  So I have decided I will do a weekly travel tip.

So I typically travel at least 2 weeks per month….more like 4 weeks per month on this project.  I thought I would share my tips and tricks for traveling.

1.  Pick a company and stick with that shit.  I see a lot of engineers using different hotel chains, airlines, and rental cars every week…this is pure fucking madness.  My wife and I are flying to Cancun and staying in a 5 star resort in a couple months (at no cost to me) all because I stay with the same hotel chain and airline for all my trips.  The reward points add up very quickly and you need to stop being a fucking tard and take advantage of this.  I get upgraded to the nicest room available when I check into my hotel, I always get upgraded to a very nice rental car, and once I hit the next level on my Sky miles status, I will be upgraded to First Class while flying.  If you are going to be away from your family and living on the road…you might as well live like a BOSS.  download (1)