Recently, I did a project to spin up a new UC environment consisting of a SME cluster, multiple CUCM leaf clusters, and 2 big, bad-ass Unity Connections boxes. We were using the very special image.  Well, the SME and CUCM publishers came up just fine with this ISO, but Unity was being a little bitch. The install completeed OK, and I was able to sign into the CLI via the console on the vsphere client, but not via SSH. When I tried to log in to the web administration page, however, I got a “Database Communication Error”.  After about an hour I no longer get the Database Error – I simply got a 404 not found.  I tried rebuilding that mammerjammer 3 different times using the following OVA’s:





After some research, I have found that when installing this version of Unity, it is necessary to install the version and do an upgrade to the -14 version.

This will most of the time just be an issue when building out a cluster for THE MAN as most normal customers have taken 8.6 and thrown it into a box with their giant Zach Morris cell phone, 1988 Z-28 Camaro, and spare can of Jolt Cola.